Smile…Life’s Beautiful!

October 6, 2010 2 comments

Back with a bang! Oh yes! loads done, loads to say, loads achieved, loads lost and loads to ponder upon…an year passed by and I am back in my purani jeans aur guitar…crazy student life…happening and eventful…more about it later…pehle, let me through what this freaking mind is cooking!

Have you seen a baby smiling? (Yea, I know its pretty idiotic to ask…but some time pass is allowed, my blog, my rules 🙂 ) Just close your and see the baby again…does that tickle somewhere? Do you notice the vertices of your lips getting elevated by 120 degrees (Trigonometry…it sucks!)…Ahh!! that curve sets the life straight (p.s. This quote is copied from another jerk)…

Its something beautiful to wear everyday without getting bored…life is beautiful…indeed! Yes, it screws you, it hits you in head with a brick, your dad always digs out the details about your affair and hell lot of things but by convention (Not accounting convention 😛 )….life is beautiful!

Smile…smile because you want to endorse your toothpaste…smile because you love her/him…smile because he/she gives a damn about it…smile because you embrace your insanity…smile because you have nothing else to do…smile because teacher wont ever figure out…smile because you screwed up…smile because you have another day with the person you love the most…smile because you exist…smile because…come on!, say shut up! You dont need a reason!

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It was not easy grandpa

November 2, 2009 2 comments

No it was not easy, it was not easy grandpa to live without you when I was 5. It was not easy to wipe off my tears without feeling the warmth of your hands on my eyes when mom used to scold me for being mischievous. It was not easy to eat what i didn’t like without you narrating stories along. It was never easy to come back home in late evenings till you come to pick me up. It was not easy to sit quietly on the cemented bench at the garden when I was not with you. It was not easy to bear the pain when I used to get bruised while playing till you were not around to comfort me.

Bless Me

Bless Me!

And I swear upon the most sacred figure I know, it is still not easy to live without you at the age of 22 when I dont have your shade. It is still not easy to wipe off my tears when I am writing this. It is still not easy to eat anything, I am so handicapped by your absence today. It is not easy to come back home and see your bed vacant. It is not easy to see that bench and sit there without you. It is not easy to bear the pain your absence has inflicted in me.

May your journey be peaceful. May God enlighten your path to salvation.

Bless me to keep your ideals alive, bless me to live with same honor and dignity which was in your sacred blood, bless me to stand by your principles, bless me to achieve everything you aspired for me…

It seems as only yesterday you was here with me, and I was sitting across from you talking and laughing like nothing else mattered.

All the days weeks months and years have been wonderful because it was with you GRANDPA that I shared those moments with.

Whenever I needed you, you was always there..and no matter what I did, you never stopped loving me.

Grandpa since you passed away and yes its only been a few days, there is something I need to share with you, but I think you know this already.

Grandpa I miss you and not a day goes by that I dont think of you.

Everywhere that I go I swear I hear your voice and it drives me crazy because I know its just you in my head.

There are times where I even feel that you put your hands on my shoulder, but even that is just an illusion.

I know you are watching over me and guiding me through, but it just doesnt help because GRANDPA, I REALLY MISS YOU!!!

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I Love to Drink

October 3, 2009 1 comment

Alright people, don’t think that I am trying to portray myself as a decent guy (though I am) but this is to for some people around me whom I care for. This kinda incident happens almost daily with me but last week I thought, lets write something on it (You start writing crap when there is nothing meaningful ;))

I was on my way back from Delhi last Sunday from an exhibition and shared my seat with Mr. Uday Malhotra who owns a consultancy. Very young and energetic gentleman in his late 20s and we struck a conversation. He asked, “Yatin, do you drink?” I said “Nope!” Then he inquired, “Do you smoke?” I said, “No” Then he interrogated if I had a girlfriend. Well, frankly, I didn’t want to sound like a jerk anymore, so with half heart I said “Yea, I do.”  Then he sighed and said, “Ok, I think, that’s the only reason, you are eligible to live!!” (Personally, that’s the only reason, I think, I am not :D) Something similar happened with me 3 days back when my “Born in India but Made in USA” friend Parth invited me to come over his place (Gem of a person, I must tell you. He writes too and far better than my whacky stuff!! )

You need you???

Who need you???

Though I have not authored a thesis on “Why people drink?” nor am I interested to do so (cauz I know some worse ways to kill time like blogging and flirting) but this is what my so-called analysis say- people start out of fun, to look or sound like a cool dude or a hot gal, to give a so called company to a friend (and blow each others head off with the empty bottle after you are done with the auspicious ceremony), to show your girl friend that you give a damn to life, to get attention, to show off that you have evolved and moved on from traditional thinking and approach, to post some stylish pics on orkut and facebook (you think its cool??? Grow up child!) , to say that I wanted to get relief when you want sympathy instead, to get business from the opposite party, may be cauz in Europe, people gulp wine even with their lunch everyday,  to be able to sing a song by your favorite singer  on drinking with an experience and a feeling,  because its raining, because its not raining, because some company made and advertised it showing a dude on a cruise surrounded by 50 hottest chicks in the world and you want that place (well, who doesn’t ;)),  to sound like an expert in experimenting with liquor of all kinds (Well I dont drink, but can still name a few from my study on them in Bio class at school: Beer, Wine, Brandy, Whiskey, Rum, Gin,  Tequila, Cognac, Vodka, Moonshine, Fanny, Sherry,  Bourbon,  Aqua Vini,  Armagnac,  Metaxa,  Calvados, Rakija, Pomace, Genever, Mezcal, Liqueurs, Vermouth ; seems as if there  is a type for every individual on Earth!! ) and stuff like that…

God! what kinda logic is that??? Lets talk sense, each point here can be rebutted. Yes man, I do drink. Everyone does in his own way. But I am not a slave to bottle. My master serves me from his eyes, eyes which mean everything to me, eyes which shower love every moment, eyes which open everyday to see me achieving...I just love you boss. Here is late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan describing the drink I prefer…

Guys, if you are unable to quit due to any of the reasons above, please don’t ask me to join you. I love your company and even don’t mind serving you but trust me, the nasha from my beloved eyes is more than enough required for a life time.

Love ya all!

Chao!! 🙂

Writing a Business Plan

September 21, 2009 1 comment

If you are expecting a management class by some expert here, consider taking a bath. Just because a friend asked me for help (and she happens to be a girl whom i couldn’t deny :)), so I am writing this. This is from a professor at Thammasat University, Thailand (in my ‘ishtylewith my expert comments, ofcouse. Sorry, its a habit!)

First of all, what according to me, is business? No hi-hi stuff, no rocket science. I don’t mind if you sell bananas or start providing moon rocks to some geeks on earth, I think business should be something which makes sense. I strongly feel if you can produce something for $2 and sell it for $5…its worth doing! See if you can provide a unique and valuable service to customer. Look for opportunities…and I know the next question “Damn! How do I do that Yatin?” Alright, I do have some really good stuff (as its not the output of my brain) on idea generation, opportunity evaluation, market analysis, sources of funds and things to ask yourself before writing to write a b-plan and I will upload that soon (This trick always works to ask readers to come back ;))

As for now, we will understand what to write in a business plan. So now lets think very big. Think that we are opening some big business for example…umm….ok, lets put up a tea stall (I couldn’t think bigger!!). So what should I include in that???

Very Precisely:

>>Executive Summary

It includes written version of your 60 second pitch (If you need 1 minute to explain your business to someone, what will you say so that he gets impressed!) Remember: Its not an introduction, rather its an overview. Like I might say something like “We provide 10 varieties of tea like ram pyaari, ram dulari, simple cutting, adraak waali, lemon waali (happpy mom?), tulsi waali, sugar free etc. to store owners of a market which is going to open up in a few weeks. We also provide some snacks available exclusively with us. ” (or something of-sorts but in more comprehensive way)

Lets talk Business!

Lets talk Business!

>>Company Overview

This includes (i) explanation of history, structure, and organization of your company (ii) strategic direction (iii) people involved.

Under history, I think, I would rather say that a few of my friends have already worked on the concept and it has been going great at some of the places like chaura bazaar or something (or my uncle was in this business before he got bankrupt and now I want to follow his footsteps :D). Then I also need to talk about its organization (what kind like proprietorship, partnership, company etc.) and management hierarchy (Here, it would be me at CEO, my friend is going to be its COO cum MD and then we have managers cum operating team of 3 chotus ). In strategic direction, you will talk about the mission and vision of your business (Mission: To provide best service and cover other markets in city in next 5 years and Vision: To win a Nobel prize for best chaiwala in the world! ), goals and objectives and values. Don’t forget to talk about the current skill set each member has and how that helps your business. Also talk about relationships with other experts in the field which helps your business.

>>Market Environment

Now this will cover: (i) Market Structure and Trends: I say like there are about 50 shops who need tea daily atleast twice a day (I will be better than Reliance some day with this kind of market! :D) (ii) Competition: Well, as of now, I will be the only one to provide such an esteemed service to royal customers! (iii) Opportunities/Threats: Being early entrants, I can capture the market first and have first mover advantage and secondly, I provide tea customized for each customer! Biggest threat in summers is the nimbupani wala who stands under the pipal tree!

>>Marketing and Sales Strategy

Ah, now this is lot of work. We need to talk about (i)Products/Services Offered: You already  know my $100bn idea 😉 (ii) Follow-on Products: Snacks like Bengali rashogulla and those small biscuits which come in shape of English alphabets (iii) Intellectual Property: The recipe of all my products (iv) Market Research: Oh, tea is like life to people in India (I can also quote some stupid figures from National agencies and similar dry stuff like that) (v) Marketing plan: This includes brand strategy (Names for each type of tea, the cups carry my brand logo ”Harpic Tea Stall”, you can order on phone and you will get a proper bill with service tax extra), distribution strategy (All 3 chotus run and deliever: 15 minutes nahi toh chai free! Truly inspired by Dominos 🙂), Product and Pricing Strategy (Simple tea for normal price but premium like 2 to 5 rupees more for our specialties) and finally Promotions (dress code for chotus, discount coupons for regular customers etc.)


This part varies widely on type of business you need to set up. It might include (i) Practical details required to meet the plan like land, furniture or similar such stuff (ii) Facilities (you can order by phone or sms) (iii) Manufacturing or out-sourcing and other such details. Highly dependent upon what are you up to.

>>Financial Plan

My favorite section because it talks money! (This is where I got screwed every time in b-plan competitions :D) This includes your Income statements, Balance sheets and Statement of cash flows. You need to project expected sales and prove the ground for your assumptions to justify the figures.

To summarize, your plan presentation should discuss a market opportunity, examine the market you are going to compete in and explanation of your first (Besides your mom! 🙂 ) and 100th customer, description of your products and services, your competition and your defense strategy, operations, management team and finally size and profitability of your stuff…thats it!

Best of luck to the bright future of my nation! Go and blow up your money!!

Stay tuned for some more crap! 😀

My 3 mothers

September 16, 2009 2 comments

Ma, Mom, Mumma, Mum, Bebe, Amma or mommy darling (As I prefer), name doesn’t matter when you talk about such a _ _ _ _ _ _ relation (I m so sorry, my vocab sucks! I am unable to find the right word which fits in here :D). Mere thought about mother fills you with so much of love, gratitude, respect and i don’t know what, as if you feel revived, re-evolved and other such beautiful thoughts. I congratulate all who have been blessed by God to have their mothers with them and I look forward to get congratulated thrice to have three mothers.

My First Teacher or put in better words “My First God” is my biological mother, Mrs. Saroj Garg. I hope most of my readers what an Indian mother is like. Two patented commands when they need to express their love, care and affection, “Bete, study more ” and “Bete, eat more(Mr. Bhaghat, I fully agree). I am very sure, most of you have already experienced this and it seems as if they just don’t have other mission in life. Jokes apart (I know, mine are pathetic :)) , I am truly blessed to have her as my  mom, who isn’t?. My basic nature is a just a tiny reflection of her innumerable qualities, I can write a book about them. Cant even express how she covers all my vices and  claim to have best son in the world (Sometimes I think, she is so right ;)). Her sacrifices, her commitment, her tireless dedication towards my well-being is something which I can not repay back ever. I don’t want her to read this and I know she wont ever because she is not much into computers. Love you mom!

I Love you Mom
I Love you Mom

My second mother is Mrs. Sugandha Singh. I met her in first year of my college. She was our class teacher for the first semester and our coach for Information Technology. She was the one who gave me a glimpse of Bindaas College Life. I could identify with her rebellious nature (She used to be the leader of all strikes in her college times) and to stand different from the crowd. She, in a way, changed my perception that ladies cant be good computer professionals. I dont know, what God planned while making the blueprint of this adorable lady. She is kinda tom-boy, a whiz kid, damn practical stuff and a brilliant mind but in a feminine structure (very astonishing ;)). I knew a little about her in the first 5 months of my college but when she left for her Phd. I saw other aspects which I could never see when she was around. We came so close that she could always sense any problem with me even sitting 400 kms away and used to call me up the same time when I really felt like talking to her. She never cared while scaring the hell out of me (Man! she screams like tornado which I really miss at times) whenever I did something wrong. Septemeber 15 was her birthday and I saw an episode again (and i just love it! :D). Thanks Mom, you mean more than whole world to me. I don’t want her to read this, so i never told her about this blog.

Alright, my third mother is Mrs. Harpreet Kang. She, formally, is  the deputy dean of my college. I have no clue what to say about her. Trust me, there is so much that another Google wont suffice. I express my inability to list everything which she does for me daily regardless I notice or not. I don’t know any other person on earth with whom I can compare her and I m sure, I wont find one ever. Learnt volumes from her in each and every aspect of my life. People say that, “I am proud to have a child like you.” But I am proud to have a mother like her. In her I have seen a friend who accompanied me is passing comments (though decent ones ;)) on chicks, dancing on college dance floor, finishing food, bunking classes, co-curriculars and God knows what! Don’t even remember, I owe countless thanks to her. She gave wings to my thoughts, she is one who is responsible for whatever good I have been able to do during and after my college. No wonder I always keep looking for reasons to go back to college and meet her for any reason. I wrote a testimonial for her in orkut, she did not accepted and when I asked, she said, “I dont deserve it!” Guys, please dont tell her about this post here. God! Thank you so much for sending a copy of yours to my life. Love ya mom.

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Get Spoilt: Never Settle in Life

September 13, 2009 2 comments

I m so sorry couldn’t update my blog since last two days, actually I was really busy. Like I had to inaugurate a seven-star in Dubai, then I had to address G-8 meeting, then US Navy admiral wanted some help in regards with their nuclear program and finally World Bank had applied for a loan from my office, I had to sign the several approval documents….so was pretty busy you know!

Ok, I now know whats exactly on your mind, “What crap does this jerk have up his sleeves this time?” Frankly, nothing much (I know, you would say,” Come on Yatin! Thats a tradition now. :)) Well, the title dictates, Get Spoilt: Never Settle in Lifeand the idea may really look fabulous to people with 10 new chicks to hang along daily (But man! all are not that lucky you see 😦 I have only 9 ;)).

Are you still looking here?
Are you still looking here?

I am so sorry to advocate contrary to what 90% of the parents in the world say,” Child, study hard. Get good grades. Get hired by some MNC, marry and GET SETTLED! ” I feel, this advice is dangerous today. I don’t ask you to screw up your results or say no when Jessica Alba puts a proposal to marry you (Trust me, I really don’t mind going to Neptune for her 😀) but I think there are some more exciting things to do in life as well.

I intend to inject the germs of thinking big, thinking beyond the dogmatic approach on which the peer group around us dwells on, thinking end to end, thinking about the way you helped changing this world. Man, this thinking will spoil you. It will make you restless. I will make you alone, secluded atleast till you hit your aim hard cauz after that, every one becomes a Friend. But yes, the purpose should be the driving force rather than dollars. Never settle in life for lollipops.

I agree that a 80K job, 500 sq. ft. mansion,  a chauffeur driven car and holidays on a beach are too difficult to say NO today. These lure me as well exactly in the same way as it does anyone else at my age. But I have met people with a different vision and temperament. For them, their current position is not that what matters. What matters is the completion of the story they are into the process of writing. What matters to them is their ventures, what matters to them is their sense of a very big purpose which will outlive them.

Yes, they do study but not to get hired. They study to hire others. They get good grades not because they want some company to select them. They get good grades to be able to select companies to buy. People believe in becoming masters of a field, but these personalities choose to be Jack of all trades just to understand various sectors and get rich in experience. They don’t settle, always have a new challenge for themselves, a new pinnacle to surmount. The bar keeps on raising for them. This species is calledEntrepreneurs . I think that these are the MOST exciting people to deal with on earth and specially the first-generation entrepreneurs (I whole-heatedly agree Kamal Sir :))

I have not achieved anything significant yet but yes, this is the way I choose for myself. Maybe a day comes when the first paragraph of this post becomes a reality. Fingers crossed.

Love ya all!

My Girlfriends: Mistakes

September 10, 2009 8 comments

Guys, the title is indeed misleading in a way, sorry for that. No spice here. If you are Ms. Perfect or Mr. Perfect, please don’t strain your eyes anymore! (Ah! just reminded me of an ad awareness campaign to donate eyes featuring Aishwarya Rai, Abhishek is damn lucky man! 🙂 ) I think the worst mistake someone can make is to be afraid of not making one.

We have always been hearing from the time of carrying lunch boxes and water  bottles to school that “Bete, we learn from our mistakes!” Alright, agreed and this made me screw my tests several times and feel proud about it. More mistakes =  more learning (My math rocks! :D)

Consider New Mistakes
Consider New Mistakes

But the key is to commit NEW mistakes everytime. Learn from them and move on. Try crazy stuff, be unreasonable, be unstoppable. I just don’t see a reason why people fear to do something at their personal level which they think could be called as a mistake. It certainly doesn’t mean to try tequila shots before appearing in your exam but something creative is absolutely advisable.

I remember my school days. On the 10th Annual Function of my school, Prof. Ashok Ganguli, Chairman, C.B.S.E. was our honorable cheif guest. And being the head boy, I had to deliever a welcome speech for him in front of 5000 guests. Guess what, I forgot in between on stage and saw 10000 eyebrows raised at me that day. Does that sound musical? Trust me, it wasn’t. But I now know what I gave me 🙂 .

In fifth standard, my English teacher (sorry mam, still don’t remember the grammar rules and has a pathetic vocab) told something about Thomas Alva Edison. Edison tried 1000 unsuccessful ways before the first electric bulb ever glowed. On being questioned about his mistakes, he said, “I now know 1000 ways of how not to make a bulb!” Man, this hit me very hard and I started failing more tests frequently just to sound cool like him,Mom, i know now 1000 ways of how not to clear my tests” 😉 . Just kidding, I am a genius by the way! (Many well known and distinguished people say so like our watchman, maid, dhoodhwala and my 6 year old cousin! )

Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team due to his mistake. He locked himself in his room and cried for hours, improved upon and eventually became a legend. Abraham Lincoln lost 8 elections due to his mistakes before becoming the president of United States. Remember, if you are not committing mistakes,  I think, you are not trying hard enough. Period. If you have never failed, you have never lived.

Resolve to commit new mistakes daily and have a romantic life. 😀